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10 Things to Know About ‘Boise Boys’ Stars Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell

Best friends Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell are here to make Boise beautiful, one renovation at a time. They’re total opposites in every way — personal style, spending habits, even their preferred renovation projects — but it works.
“[We] immediately realized that together we could bring a synergy to a home renovation way beyond the sum of our parts,” says Clint.
The magic formula of a Texas “boot-strapping, make-it-happen” contractor and a born-and-bred, “man-purse”-wearing Boise designer certainly works. But that’s not to say they don’t have their similarities, too.
“We are both type A, hard-working and detailed-oriented,” says Clint. “While that combination can certainly lead to significant head-butting, we constantly strive to remember that each of us is there to serve the other, the home, the neighborhood and ultimately the families who will call our renovation ‘home.'”
“We definitely agree: we are #bettertogether,” adds Luke.
Get to know the guys behind Boise Boys better, below.

They Had Very Different Former Lives

Long before coming to HGTV, Luke was a professional musician and toured throughout the country, playing in every state except Alaska. He first got into the real estate game as a way to pay for an adoption.
“After my wife, Miranda, and I had two kids of our own, we started praying about adopting,” says Luke. “But as a touring musician [at the time] there was no way we could come up with all the funds [we] needed to adopt. We decided to buy a rundown house from an auction, fix it up and sell it to help fund the expenses. Everything worked out the way it was meant to because not long after that Morris was in our arms.”
The pair adopted three more children, and now they have six kids between the ages of 6-10.
Clint is a business attorney, CPA, contractor, real estate broker and developer, licensed mediator and serial entrepreneur. He’s worked in real estate for most of his career and appeared on The Apprentice, where he made it to the finals.

It’s All About Timber and Love

Luke and Clint founded their company Timber and Love back in 2015, and the name matches their mission.
“We decided on the business name Timber and Love for our company,” says Luke, “because we love to incorporate timber in every project and try our best to put in a lot of love!”

They Nailed Their First Renovation

“Without going into the gory details of the interior condition,” says Clint, “the smell and disrepair were beyond imagination. We each rolled up our sleeves and worked to create a beautiful family home on a cul-de-sac. We sold the home before we were able to list it. It ended up a blessing to a young family of four as well as each of our families.”

Free Time = Family Time

Family “always comes first,” says Luke.
Combined, Luke and Clint have nine children (six for Luke and three for Clint), which sounds like a full-time job on its own. (And they’re all home-schooled!) But the flexibility of running their own business means they have plenty of time to hang out with their kids, sometimes even on the job.
You’ll spot several of Luke’s (adorable) little ones helping to pick out lumber or hand-blown glass, while Clint’s sons lend a hand on more labor-intensive projects like helping to build a deck (Clint knows how to put his boys to work!).

Flops Happen

“There has been more than once I’ve picked out a color for the exterior of a home or tile for a bathroom and later decided that’s not it — [it] won’t work,” says Luke. “Sometimes you just have to start over. It has to be right!”
But it’s up to Clint to factor in the dollar amount when something isn’t working.
“We always try to buy right on the frontend so that we can afford to do what needs to be done to maximize our backend,” adds Clint.

… But It’s Not Over Until the “For Sale” Sign Goes Up

“The good news is that if we don’t like the final product,” says Clint, “we can change it before we reveal it — and we’ve done that plenty of times. We don’t want to sell a home that we aren’t super excited about ourselves. We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve repainted an entire house, ripped out tile, moved light fixtures, etc. We would advise anyone else doing renovation work for themselves or others: don’t be afraid to make mistakes or change your mind. In the long run, you’ll be much happier and the home will be the better for it.”

Boise Is the Place to Be

Boise is touted as the fastest-growing city in America, but Clint and Luke aren’t about to give away all the reasons you should move to Idaho’s capital *cough, cough*.
“If you love skiing, hiking, biking, boating, river life, great nightlife, world-class restaurants, the diversity of a metropolitan center, quiet moonlight walks along the Boise River Greenbelt, four distinct seasons or just sitting on your front porch drinking coffee in the midst of great neighbors, then Boise is the city for you,” says Luke. “But you didn’t hear that from us.”

Every Home Has a Piece of Boise

Luke and Clint like to incorporate a little Boise into each renovation. Whether it’s a hand-blown glass light fixture or a headboard made from a 70-year-old tree, every home is infused with the heart of Boise.

East Coast Calling?

If given the chance to switch places with another HGTV duo, the guys agree: it’d have to be the Fords.
While Luke connects with Leanne’s design aesthetic (same), Clint relates to Steve’s love of problem-solving – and there’s the added bonus of working on the other side of the country in a city with plenty of potential.
“The city of Pittsburgh has so much character and great historic homes,” says Clint. (We second that.)

Hidden Talents, Revealed

Luke prefers to stay humble about his extracurricular activities — he keeps it simple with family time, coffee drinking and donut eating — but Clint isn’t so shy about his talents in the kitchen.
“I love cooking and people love my cooking,” says Clint. “Most people don’t realize that my first business was a concept restaurant. I’m always coming up with twists on traditional American fare that surprise and delight my friends and family. Whether it is BBQ, southern cooking, Mexican, Mediterranean, seafood or Asia, I’ve got some twists that’ll put a smile on any taste buds. Don’t even get me started on my desserts!”
Here’s hoping we get a sneak peek at the Ina Garten of Boise!
Boise Boys airs on Wednesdays at 11|10c.